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We’re pollinator crazy!

Because of that, the first 120 kids to our booth at the Home & Garden Show this weekend will get a FREE bee finger puppet! Adults, enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate good towards our Annual Plant Sale!

Check out The Salem Leader for details on the show.



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April Home & Garden Show

Visit our booth at the Annual Home & Garden Show. We’ll be answering your gardening questions and providing information on pollinators, our upcoming plant sale on May 13th, and on a Master Gardener Training Course this Fall! As always, there will be an activity for the kids!

The Annual Home & Garden Show is sponsored by The Salem Leader and is located at the Washington County Fairgrounds, 118 N Fair Street, Salem IN 47167. Hours are Friday, April 27th, 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., and Saturday, April 28th, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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Annual Plant Sale Success!

Master Gardener volunteers, and many more customers, made our Annual Good Earth Master Gardeners Plant Sale a success.  This year’s theme: Butterflies and pollinators.

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Come take a stroll in the gardens!

5th Annual Washington County Garden Tour

Saturday, June 13th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Tickets available at Salem Apothecary, ACE Hardware, and Miller’s Hardware

Tickets $10.00, driving tour of 7 gardens!

All proceeds benefitting the Washington County Food Bank

Sponsored by the Good Earth Master Gardeners of Washington County, Indiana

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Spring Home & Garden Show

Great success at this year’s Spring Home & Garden Show at the Washington County Fairgrounds.  The weather kept us a bit cool and damp at times but we had a great response to both our booth and our kids’ table.

Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate for the Plant Sale was Paulette Miller of Salem.

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Horticultural Science Course to benefit Master Gardeners

UPDATE: This course is approved for education hours for current Master Gardeners!   

(Does not include advanced education hours.)

Dusty Baker Adamson will be teaching an open enrollment Horticultural Science (Gardening) course at the local Salem Homeschool Academy housed at Southern Hills Church in Salem.  Please share this information with anyone that might be interested in attending and learning about basic gardening.

The course will run Mondays for 8-weeks, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., beginning March 30th.

Cost is $40 plus a $20 supply fee.

All proceeds will be donated to the Salem Homeschool Academy and the Good Earth Master Gardeners!

Course Description: This is an eight-week multi-age gardening course introducing plant basics, Indiana soils, gardening tools and techniques, plant propagation, plant types, growing food vs. ornamental and landscape planting, garden planning and layouts, plant identification, diseases and pests, permaculture, sustainability and forest gardening. Students will diagram gardens for their homes, plant seedlings, and delineate soils in the classroom. In Week 7, students will participate in a field trip to practice plant identification and propagation through division, while also taking home starter plants. 

Week 1: Plant Basics, Plant Names & Identification: Learn parts of a plant, life cycles, how plants work, plant taxonomy, and steps in plant identification

Week 2: Indiana Soils & Fertilizers: Explore the components of soil, pH Values, the soil triangle, texture, organic matter, nutrients, problems and solutions

Week 3: Gardening Tools & Techniques: Types of tools, contamination, seasonal care, watering, mulching, containers, potting mixes, composting

Week 4: Plant Propagation: Growing plants from seeds, storing seeds, germination, nurturing seedlings, asexual propagation (cuttings, layering, divisions, grafting), indoor propagation

Week 5: Vegetables, Herbs, & Fruit: Types, requirements, preparation, fertilization, transplants, basic care, harvesting, culinary herbs, fruit varieties, pollination

Week 6: Garden Planning & Diagramming, Ornamental vs. Landscape: Learn how to plan a garden, considering soil and plant types, sun exposure, utilizing native species, etc.

Week 7: Plant Diseases & Pests (Diagnosing): Fungi, viruses, signs and symptoms, arthropods, beneficial insects, slugs and snails, vertebrate pests, preventing garden damage, with Field Trip, Tree & Plant Identification and Division Propagation

Week 8: Permaculture, Sustainability & Forest Gardening: Focus on reducing chemical use, pollution, yard waste, and water use, while utilizing environmental cues to plan and sustain a beautiful, prolific, and lasting garden that is in harmony with its surroundings.


Below are a few pictures from my gardens.

For more, go to my gardening and permaculture blog, permie love!

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